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DECK KING specializes in the construction of hardwood decks and boardwalks using only quality materials. We use stainless steel fixings where possible and as much as possible. Our emphasis is on quality, practicality and aesthetic appeal using tasteful combinations of compatible materials.

Specialist in:

We pay great attention to style and design, size, shape and the personalized preferences of our clients

We are proficient in many areas of timber construction (excluding timber frame houses which we believe should be done by specialist timber frame builders). We focus on decks, pool surrounds, jetties, boardwalks, staircases, mezzanines, balustrades, pergolas, carports, gazebos

Safety and strength is paramount in both the design and the construction of all structures this applies especially to balustrades and staircases which are constructed according to local Council building regulations

Decks are a natural extension of the home and can provide extra living and entertainment area and often complement the design of a home. They are essential on high mountainous areas such as the local areas around the southern peninsula of Cape Town

Timber structures such as decks can also be versatile by doubling up in providing weather protection for people, cars, pets, plants

Many people are opting for timber decking around pool sides in preference to paving as this gives a softer more natural effect. Decking is also not affected by eroding creatures such as moles and ants which sometimes cause paving to subside

Timber boardwalks are becoming preferable to paved walkways or pathways for similar reasons

Decking instead of grass / lawn areas saves on water and lessens maintenance